We believe in empowering women, children and the society as a whole and the best way to do that or to start is through education. As we equip masses with ample knowledge, we drive the society to modern behavior and development through their ability to learn.

Gender Equality & Child Abuse

More than 1 in 5 women age 15–49 (22%) report that they have experienced sexual violence at some point in time compared with fewer than 1 in 10 (8%) men. Domestic violence has been found higher in rural areas than in the urban. This is a country problem. We aim at closing the gap.


They are high levels of despondency in Uganda among people affected with HIV, Civil Wars, Miscarriages  and other forms that need to be counseled and advised on how to go through such trying moments of their lives. Our staff makes sure that people are motivated and empowered to live a life of happiness so that they are able to even have a chance to see their children grow despite being disadvantaged.

Health & Sanitation

The future of Uganda rests on the ability to build a healthy vibrant women and child force that is able to live a healthy life. We stand with the saying that a healthy body makes a healthy mind. We promote health in different villages within Uganda through promotion of Water, health tool kits like Pads, Building of latrines among others


My School, My Country

Represent your School, become the agent of change
“Adolescent Is Power”